UPDATE: Vinyl pressing prices will increase on December 15, 2016

High Quality Record Manufacturing

At Musicol, we have been pressing vinyl since 1971. We offer complete 12" and 7" (both at 45 or 33 1/3 rpm) vinyl pressing. Musicol is proud to use Finebilt manual record presses exclusively. This means each record we manufacture is inspected, by a trained press operator, for quality and consistency. We only use top grade class 1 vinyl for your recordings. Our manufacturing staff are some of the most experienced press operators in the business.

We also offer custom designed covers, sleeves and inserts. Just visit our pricing page for more information. If you have any questions click here or give us a call at 1.800.240.5963 to contact us. You can also stop by for a tour if you are in the Columbus, OH area.

Custom Vinyl, Small Runs, Large Runs, Fast Turnaround

Since every record that is manufactured at Musicol is made manually, it is easy for us to do custom and/or short run jobs, in fact, we specalize in small, high quality runs of custom records. From simple black records to custom color records to half and half records, the look of you record is only limited by what you can think of. We even have the press operator special run, where you pick the colors and each record will have a different design. No custom job is too big or small.

Custom record pricing is available on the pricing page. If you don't see the custom vinyl option you are looking for, please click here or give us a call at 1.800.240.5963 to contact us.

In House, All Analog Mastering

Included in the cost of your job is in-house mastering (lacquer cutting). Mastering is the process by which your audio gets cut into grooves on a lacquer disc that will ultimately become the metal master stamper that your record will be made from. That means the best mastering equipment and most experienced mastering engineer are essential for getting the best record. Our mastering engineer, John Hull, has been cutting records for over 60 years and has mastered thousand of records. His cutting system includes a modified 1944 Scully lathe with Westrex cutting head and all tube cutting amplifier. The cutting is done directly from playback unit to amplifier to cutting head. This means none of the digital delay typically found in the mastering line is present to degrade the sound of your music.

We can do custom lathe cuts for your records.

We can cut records that run in the standard outside to inside fashion or we can cut your record to play from the inside to the outside (the sound of the audio remains unchanged by this process). We can also cut lock grooves. For more information on our mastering services please click here.

Amazing Analog/Digital Sound Studios

Musicol is home to one of the finest recording studios in Ohio. Studio A, built in 1966, offers musicians the opportunity to capture their songs through an army of vintage Neumann Tube Mics, RCA Ribbon Mics, 2" 16 track recorder and Pro-Tools HD system. We also have one of the finest collections of vintage tube pre amps, limiters and equalizers in Ohio. Take the virtual tour to see if Musicol Studio A fits your needs by clicking here.