Vinyl Pressing Time Guidelines:

PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for pressing and cutting defects on sides longer than the recommended times.

Downloadable Forms

Please print Label Templates in Color and at 100%

Notes on colored vinyl:
You can choose from a wide variety of vinyl colors including transparent gold, white, clear, coke bottle clear, transparent green, transparent blue, transparent red, opaque yellow, opaque red, opaque violet and brown in addition to the standard black. However, Due to the vinyl manufacturing process, there will be slight variations in the vinyl color. Musicol recording can not be held responsible for colored vinyl variations.

Notes on colored "changeover" records:
In any colored record job there will be a few randomly colored records as we change the color. These are called changeover records and will be included in your run. The colored records count in your order starts when the record is more of your chosen color than of the changeover color. If you have any questions or concerns on the colored vinyl manufacturing process, please contact us by
clicking here or calling 1.800.240.5963.

Notes on supplying masters:
When supplying CD masters, your music should be supplied to us in Redbook Standard CD format. It should be playable on a standard CD player. There is a $30 charge for any format changes needed. There is no extra charge to cut your master from 1/4" analog tape. However, your tape should have test tones, and be sequenced and ready to play. Any additional sequencing done in house will be billed as studio time at $55/hr.